May 28th, 2012

We’re going to break with habit here and post today. Mama has been tired out from work, so she hasn’t felt like posting for my brother Marlowe or me. But tonight we decided to write!

I was going to tell you all about the clothes she’s made for me, and the progress on my bedroom. But Mama said that maybe I ought to write about my new neighbors!

tn_2012-05-10 Raven (6)

This is Raven! He came all the way from Korea to live next to me. He is very excitable and loves to wander around the room when Mama’s not here. He is a Lati White Laches Special. We had been waiting for his arrival for a long time. It’s made Mama very happy that he finally showed up. He tells me that he’s pixie like Miranda. You should see his little ears!

tn_2012-05-10 Wren and Raven (1)

We get along all right. I’m glad that I have my own room though. He likes to talk and talk and talk and talk! I’m considering asking Mama if she can move my room to another place that he can’t reach without help!

tn_2012-05-26 Lark

To help Mama keep track of Raven, we found ourselves a new friend. Her name is Lark! Mama is letting her settle in for a while before they see what she wants to do. Mama mentioned something about her teaching us things, which I’m not so sure I like! But Mama says learning is very important, and I like to read! I guess it could be worse!

I promise I will update more often! We’re going to ponder about everything we want to share and organize our pictures!